Matt Lemmler and The New Orleans Jazz Revival Band is a fellowship of many great musicians and producers creating masterful recordings, original educational show productions, and wants to UBUNTU with all like-minded spirits who want to raise their mission. This unique name, UBUNTU, comes from the African humanist philosophy that speaks about interconnectedness in creativity and the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It refers to communal spirit, the need to work together for a common purpose. For Matt and the New Orleans Jazz Revival Band, UBUNTU summarizes in one word his experiences in creating inspirational & healing music performances, recordings and educational shows.

Lemmler and his New Orleans Jazz Revival Band have premiered several original and educational shows including Right On! The Music of the 70’s”, "The History of Jazz," "Tribute to Mahalia Jackson," "Songs of the Southern States," "A Healing Celebration featuring Inspirationalist Dan Caro, "Jazz It Up with Leland Russell and Craig Cortello", and"Matt Lemmler’s Southern Sonatas & Songs, Live at the Ogden"  featuring all original compositions by Lemmler dedicated to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s permanent collection.

Through these works, Matt Lemmler and the New Orleans Jazz Revival Band present master classes, educational shows and workshops for corporate events using the concept of UBUNTU. Some of their most recent UBUNTU education has been with Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner at The Leadership Challenge,  Loyola University, University of New Orleans, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the National Jazz Historical Park  and with Ridgeview Charter Middle School from Atlanta, GA.  Under the direction of Lemmler, the New Orleans Jazz Revival Band collaborated with  265 middle school musicians- choir, band and string orchestra all were able to perform alongside the New Orleans Jazz Revival Band as one ensemble-UBUNTU Education.

-Jazz It Up-

-Jazz It Up- at your next corporate event with an entertaining, impactful, and memorable business presentation incorporating music, New Orleans history, an original song tailored to your conference theme, an audience songwriting exercise, and FUN! Inspire your team by adding the power of music, creativity, and collaboration to your next event. 

So why use music as a tool at a corporate conference or function? Ever wonder why you have trouble remembering names, grocery lists, or your company's mission statement, but you can remember all of the lyrics to your favorite songs? It's quite simply...THE POWER OF MUSIC! 
Meeting planners, human resources executives, and organizational development professionals - Contact us to explore a collaborative session that integrates your conference theme, content, and objectives into an energizing experience that your participants won't forget.

UBUNTU education at Northview High School.

Musical Business Keynote Presentation

We've recently joined forces with some great music educators and students at public schools from the state of Georgia. We performed an inspirational arrangement of Disney's "Colors of the Wind" arranged for the entire music department's Choir/Chamber Orchestra & Jazz Band at Ridgeview Charter.
We were honored several faculty members joined in the UBUNTU: band director Mike Gibson on trombone, chorus director Dr. Susan Messer on vocals, orchestra director Brian Kellum and Language Arts teacher Rasheik Trammell on violin, and Principal Lisa Hastey on viola.

NOLAJazzRevival Band UBUNTU with 260 Middle School Musicians

UBUNTU with Ridgeview Charter

The New Orleans Jazz Revival Band worked with these gifted children at The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Ridgeview Charter is an amazing middle school that actually preaches and teaches the UBUNTU philosophy.

Does your organization need some entertainment with inspiration?

Dan Caro & Matt Lemmler UBUNTU

Our Inspirational Music Education Video-Beethoven's-Ode to Joy-

UBUNTU in Audubon Park

UBUNTU with Children's Choir