From the recording New Orleans in Stride

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Composed by Ellis Marsalis, Jr.
Lyrics by Matt Lemmler

Homecoming-a tribute to my teacher/friend Ellis Marsalis, Jr. I’ve always loved this composition of his from the great duo recording he did with Eddie Harris. I wanted to pay homage in some way to Mr Marsalis and share my grief/joy of all the times I shared with him and what I’ve been feeling since he passed a few years ago during our lockdown and from just knowing/being grateful from learning music/life lessons from a New Orleans/World/Universe Piano Professor. I was inspired to also compose lyrics and sing on his song. Inspiration coming through remembering his time/music with all of us. A master musician/teacher/mentor. A music/song dedication to Mr Marsalis and his family/friends/students and his Homecoming, with his beautiful wife, Dolores. A Homecoming with many possibilities and dimensions. Inspiration also came from my beautiful new bride/best friend Tara, and us becoming recent newlyweds/step-parents. A wonderful gift of new Homecoming for the both of us and for our children and weenie dogs ❤️ Matt

Recorded, mixed, mastered at Esplanade Studios/Misha Kachkachishvili
Produced by Matt Lemmler and Misha Kachkachishvili
Cover photo by Jason Kruppa


I will always love
Coming home to my beautiful wife
My best friend
We love to talk and laugh and share our love all day and night
Next to you
Next to me
In our Homecoming…
And I will always love
Being with my true love
In our Homecoming…
Matt Lemmler
inspired by “Homecoming’ composed by Ellis Marsalis, Jr and by Ellis & Dolores Marsalis and family and my beautiful wife/my best friend, Tara and family.