Panola Gnome Garden Magic Music Meditations every Saturday 12pm noon

Come join us every Saturday and play/perform/sing/watch/dance/meditate to our Panola Gnome Garden Magic Music Meditations. Featuring guest musicians every Saturday 12pm noon-1pm....and also group Sing and Play a Longs starting around 12:30pm with Sing-Sing a Song, Rainbow Connection, Ode to Joy and closing with Colors of the Wind.

please download our music, for your instrument and come join us in song every Saturday 12pm-1pm..Free and right by the secret Panola Gnome Garden.

yours in music and in New Orleans Jazz Revival, Matt Lemmler

Ode to Joy practice video NolaJazzRevival Video of Ode to Joy with Matt & Miles Lemmler, Martin, Sasha and Steve Masakowski and Rick Margitza recorded Live at Esplanade Studios 301 MB
Ode to Joy Piano/Vocal part Piano sheet 77.9 KB
Bari Sax part 59.3 KB
Guitar part 83.9 KB
Soprano part 63.5 KB
Sousaphone part 41.5 KB
Trumpet part 59.6 KB
String parts 318 KB
Violin part 55.9 KB
Colors of the Wind mp3 for Practice Check out NolaJazzRevival with 263 Middle school musicians playing Colors of the Wind 15.3 MB
Bass part 64.1 KB
Alto Sax part 60.9 KB
Alto Sax 2 55.6 KB
Flute part 57.2 KB
Tenor Sax part 62.9 KB
Trombone Part 45.7 KB
Trumpet 1 part 42.2 KB
Trumpet 2 part 42.1 KB
Violin 1 part 41.9 KB
Violin 2 part 43.4 KB
Viola part 41.4 KB
Cello part 51.1 KB