1 Hour Private Lesson via Zoom/Skype or Facetime
  • 1 Hour Private Lesson via Zoom/Skype or Facetime
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I offer 1 hour private lessons using Skype/Zoom or Facetime where we can work one on one. These lessons usually go over an hour as I am pretty flexible with the time (like an extra 10-15 minutes) but I do require a 24 hour cancellation or you will lose the spot and fee.

Some of the topics that I get asked about are New Orleans piano styles, arranging for ensembles, how to sing and play the piano at the same time, singing questions, re-harmonizing a standard tune, the life of a full-time musician, playing over chord changes, technique, how to practice, what to practice, etc….I have taught over the last 20 years at Loyola University and before that residency at the University of New Orleans, University of Houston (Texas), the Dalton School (NYC) and have taught countless Master Classes throughout the world, including France, Israel, Russia, and many major cities in the USA.

I encourage you to record the lessons. (For your use only) After the session I will send you a PDF of what we worked on and what you should do with the material- how to practice it. After signing up for lessons, I will send you a direct message so we can set up a time that is convenient.

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